More About Teeth in a Day

In this first blog of summer, we got into the basics of replacing all of your teeth in a single day with a procedure known …

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From Zero to 60 in No Time Flat — Teeth in a Day

When patients have a mouth full of failing teeth, or a mouth with only a couple remaining teeth, they often simply resign themselves to eating …

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Invisible Fillings

It was always pretty easy to spot when a person had a filling up until about a decade ago — all you had to do …

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A Preview of Coming Attractions — Red Gums

With many diseases, you never know what hit you until your doctor gives you the bad news. But that’s not the case with the disease …

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Covering Up Your Exposed Tooth Roots

Age causes many irritating changes to our bodies. Things sag and droop. Our hairline recedes. Even our gums recede. This may seem innocent enough, but …

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Do You Fear Eating Cold Foods?

Our endless sunny days in Melbourne should always be open to the tasty possibilities of popsicles, ice cream, and even a lemon-lime Slurpee. But when …

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