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In this first blog of summer, we got into the basics of replacing all of your teeth in a single day with a procedure known as Teeth in a Day. It’s an amazing procedure that enables patients who are missing all or most of their teeth, or who have mostly badly damaged remaining teeth, to come in and in 3 or 4 hours to walk out with a full set of new teeth. How amazing is that?

In this second June blog, let’s get into some more details about Teeth in a Day at Implant Dentistry of Florida.

First, understand the process

The first step is to ensure you’re a good fit for Teeth in a Day, Dr. Brown will examine your teeth, take a CT scan, evaluate your bone density, and check your oral health and overall health. Next, he will remove any remaining damaged and decayed teeth you may have. Then he places the four implants into each arch according to the plan created from your initial scans. The secret to Teeth in a Day is that the back implants are placed at an angle rather than vertically. This means the patient can typically get away without needing grafting to create enough bone for a vertical implant placement. Dr. Brown then attaches a temporary full arch of teeth to the top and bottom implants and you’re done. Once your implants have fully integrated in 3-4 months you return, Dr. Brown removes your temporary arches and places your permanent new teeth.

You’ll need to prepare

  •     Prepare for your initial recovery — You’ll want to lay low for a few days after your procedure. Get your bed or your recovery nest ready. Have lots of entertainment and books. You’ll want to keep your head elevated for the first few days, even when sleeping.
  •     Expect to have some speech issues — If you’ve been missing all or most of your teeth, you’ve become accustomed to speaking without them. It will be different at first with your new teeth. You’ll have to get used to speaking, especially with some consonants; this is completely normal. Just be ready for it. Reading out loud is great training.
  •     Prepare to eat a soft diet — Yes, you will have a full set of teeth for each arch when you return home late the afternoon of your procedure, but they aren’t ready to go out and buy a T-bone. You need to remember that your eight implants need time for the jawbone to grow around the implants — a process called osseointegration — making them a part of the jaw. This will happen, but it takes from 3-4 months. At first, you’ll be on a completely soft diet for a couple weeks. Then you can progress to finely cut up foods and cooked vegetables. We’ll give you a guideline to what you can eat when, but don’t be surprised at the caution you’ll need to exercise. Of course, if you’ve been missing most of your teeth, you’ve already had a very limited diet when it comes to eating hard or chewy foods.
  •     Be kind to your temporary teeth — Just as with what you eat, don’t revert to chewing fingernails, chewing ice, opening packaging, and the like with your new temporary teeth. All of those habits need to go away for good.

If you’ve been missing all or most of your teeth, Teeth in a Day can truly change your life. Call us at Implant Dentistry of Florida, (321) 372-7700, and set up a consultation with Dr. Brown.

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