Bonding Isn’t Just for the Holidays

No one has a perfect family. Maybe more bonding would help. And no one has a perfect smile. Bonding with the team at Implant Dentistry ...
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Root Canals — Truth or Fiction?

Misinformation and root canals go together like Facebook and ridiculous conspiracy theories. It seems everyone believes a root canal is such a painful procedure that ...
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When Nighttime Becomes the Grind — Bruxism

Just about everyone, except maybe Bill Murray, grinds his or her teeth at times. It’s a fact of life that our job, spouse, kids, and ...
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Taking the Edge Off with Sedation

We all have our fears. For some it’s spiders. For others, snakes. For many, it’s fear of the dentist. It’s estimated that about one third ...
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Invisalign is Clearly Superior

Although it was first introduced in 1998, most people think the Invisalign tooth straightening system is new. While it was met with early skepticism, Invisalign ...
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Could This Be the Summer of Whiter Teeth?

At Implant Dentistry of Florida, it’s our daily mission to help our patients enjoy the fruits of a healthy, beautiful smile. One area of your ...
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