Don’t Buy the Enamel Rebuilding Hype…Literally

Tooth enamel has the tough, but admirable, job of protecting your teeth from decay and bacterial infection. That’s why enamel is the hardest tissue in ...
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You Don’t Have to Wait for a Crown

Crowns are kind of a big deal right now. On Netflix. On PBS. Prince Harry and the rest. The thing about all of those people, ...
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Regain Your Smile with Dentures

In this month’s first blog, we talked about some of the basics of dentures and how there are many more people out there who have ...
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Missing Teeth Doesn’t Have to Mean Missing Out

If your oral health has been less than stellar, you may be missing some, many, or even all of your teeth. It’s easy to assume ...
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The History of Dental Implants

Most people now know that dental implants are the best way to replace a tooth. Heck, Dr. Brown decided to name his practice after them ...
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Nothing to Hide Here — the Coverup that is Veneers

Short of movie stars, not many people have perfect teeth. Surprise — the movie stars don’t have perfect teeth, either. They have porcelain veneers covering ...
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