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When a person has numerous missing teeth and a few remaining teeth with serious decay, they often feel as if there isn’t an option. After all, no one can afford to replace all of their teeth with individual dental implants. These same people may not be thrilled with the idea of a full set of traditional dentures.

Often they just opt to make a go of it without any teeth. This causes them to have various nutritional deficiencies, as foods such as nuts and crunchy fruits and vegetables become off limits with their exposed gums.

Dr. Brown has a better option. It’s called Teeth in a Day and it basically uses implant-anchored dentures/prosthetics to provide the stability missing with traditional dentures. And the procedure takes just one day.

What is “Teeth in a Day?”

Teeth in a Day uses four to five dental implants placed strategically around both the upper and lower arch. These serve as anchors for the artificial teeth. Full-arch artificial teeth are then attached to the implants, making them very strong when biting and chewing.

How can “Teeth in a Day” be done in just one day?

The process of pulling any remaining decayed teeth, placing the dental implants, and then attaching the full-arch artificial teeth is all done in a single appointment. But this is made possible by a comprehensive oral exam combined with full diagnostic imaging done in a prior appointment. Dr. Brown and our team create a full 360-degree view of the mouth that includes the teeth, jawbone, and surrounding anatomy (such as sinus cavities).

Using these images, Dr. Brown can plot the best placement of the dental implants that will be used to anchor the top and bottom artificial teeth. He looks for areas where there is still sufficient bone mass. The back implants may be placed at an angle, enabling placement without as much bone mass. This is all charted out and acts as a surgical guide. These images also are used for the creation of the temporary artificial teeth that will be placed initially. These will later be replaced by permanent artificial teeth when the implants have fully integrated into the jawbone.

I can use these teeth the same day they are placed?

Teeth in a Day is a process of placing the implants and attached artificial arches of teeth in one day. However, that doesn’t mean you can go out and eat a steak that night. The implants are all placed, usually with the addition of bone graft material. It then takes months for the jawbone to grow around the titanium implant bases. This makes them a part of the jawbone and incredibly strong. But that process takes a few months. During that time, you’ll have to be cognizant of your situation and eat a softer diet as the implants take hold. Because the bite force is spread between the four implants, you can eat more foods than you would think after about 10 days, but you still need to use good judgment. If you ever have a question about whether you can eat a certain food, just call our offices and we’ll tell you if it’s a good idea or not.

Interested in all new Teeth in a Day? Call Dr. Brown and the teamhttps://drimplant.com/contact/ at Implant Dentistry of Florida, (321) 372-7700, to schedule a consultation.

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