Do You Have Dental Insurance Dollars Left?


At Implant Dentistry of Florida, our entire team is dedicated to making our patients smile when they see their great smiles in the mirror every morning. But there is one thing that comes up this time of year that we know will make every patient frown — leaving dental insurance dollars unspent and then losing them at the end of the year.

If that sounds like your insurance situation, give us a call and let’s get you in here before the end of the year. You may not quite understand how your dental insurance works, so here is some general information about it.

Yearly maximum

Dental insurance is far more limited in scope than regular health insurance. Most plans have a yearly maximum that the company will pay for your dental work within one full year. The average amount is usually $1,000 per year, per person. After you reach that amount, you have to pay for everything. If you have unused benefits, these won’t rollover into next year, so you should take advantage of them before 2019 comes to a close.


One nice thing about dental insurance, despite it not being overly comprehensive in scope, is that the deductibles are usually just $50. That’s another thing to consider. If you’ve already met your deductible, having something else done won’t require it. You’ll save the $50.

You’re paying for it

If you’re paying for dental insurance you should use it. Dental insurance is a little different than health insurance, as it’s is basically intended to be used for things you usually need to do to your teeth. Health insurance is really more, well, insurance in case of large expenses such as surgeries. Because dental insurance maxes out at such a low amount, it is foolish not to use it, at least for your two cleanings and exams.

Things you could use it on

OK, so you’ve had your twice-yearly cleanings and exams with us, but you still have some dollars left. Have you considered teeth whitening or bonding a tooth? We use Zoom! teeth whitening. This is an in-office whitening treatment that takes just an hour or so and whitens your teeth up to six shades.

Or, if you have a small chip or a pit in a tooth, we could place some composite resin on the tooth to mask the flaw. This is called bonding. It is painless and it also takes just a single appointment. Dr. Vaughn or Dr. Brown place the composite resin on the tooth and sculpt it to cover the flaws. The resin is then cured with a special light, instantly hardening it. The hardened resin is then further shaved down to buff and make it blend perfectly with the rest of the tooth and the adjacent teeth.

Do you have dental insurance dollars to spend? Call us at Implant Dentistry of Florida, (321) 372-7700, and make an appointment before the year’s end.

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