Teeth Like White Sand Beaches


In Florida, you may have to travel up to the Panhandle to find white sand beaches. But if you live near Melbourne, you don’t have to go far to find sparkling white teeth. That’s because at Implant Dentistry of Florida we offer Zoom! Teeth Whitening, and you’ll be amazed at how white this treatment will make your teeth.

Why do I need teeth whitening?

The enamel on our teeth seems virtually bulletproof, but it’s actually slightly porous. This allows stains to accumulate on our teeth. Eating foods such as blueberries or raspberries, drinking coffee, tea, and red wine…they all leave pigmentation in the enamel of the teeth. Smoking also stains the teeth. And they just become more yellow with age. Over time this builds and our teeth become stained and a little dingy. That’s when you need our Zoom! Teeth Whitening.

What is Zoom! Teeth Whitening?

We love this whitening treatment because it is fast, yet it delivers beautifully white results. Here are the steps with Zoom!

  • We usually clean the patient’s teeth prior to treatment.
  • Next we place a barrier over the lips and gums to prevent contact with the bleaching agent. You also wear protective glasses.
  • We use a small appliance to keep your lips comfortably away from the front teeth.
  • We apply the Zoom! professional whitening gel to every tooth using a brush.
  • The Zoom! gel has a pH booster that activates the gel.
  • We apply the Zoom! blue light to activate the whitening agents for approximately 15 minutes.
  • We may repeat these steps again for brighter whitening.
  • Then we remove the gel, rinse your mouth, and that’s it.

How long does Zoom! whitening take?

For subtle staining, such as follow-up brightening treatments, it takes just 20-30 minutes. For more severe staining we will repeat the treatment so it will take about one hour. That’s it. Your results are immediate, with your teeth now many shades brighter than they were just an hour before.

Will Zoom! Teeth Whitening make my teeth sensitive?

The hydrogen peroxide has to penetrate the enamel to break loose the stains, and this can make your teeth somewhat sensitive for a day or so. It’s not extreme, however, and it passes quickly. Many patients have no added sensitivity at all.

Interested in getting a bright white smile this summer? Call us at Implant Dentistry of Florida, (321) 372-7700, and ask about a Zoom! whitening session.

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