Dental Implants Restore Quality of Life

When Robert Barnes, 75, grew bored with retirement, he helped found The Children’s Hunger Project. The project became a labor of love for the retired broadcaster and marketing specialist. It provides food packages for Brevard County school children who otherwise would go hungry.

Robert Barnes treated with dental implants to replace missing molars and William Reichley treated with subperiosteal dental implant for slipping denture by Clark F. Brown, Jr., DDS, at Implant Dentistry of Florida.

“We provide packages of food for over sixteen hundred kids every weekend at over three dozen elementary schools,” notes Robert. “It’s for children teachers know would be coming to school hungry on Monday morning.”

In between working many hours at the charity, Robert had to take care of another issue. His teeth had given him trouble since his youth, and some were missing or loose.

“I’ve had gum problems since I was very young and lost a good number of my teeth. It was time to do some fix-up, so to speak,” he explains. “I wanted to make sure that I had a decent look and the ability to chew properly.”

His immediate concerns were two damaged molars on the left side of his mouth.

“They didn’t necessarily limit me from eating certain foods, but if I was chewing something that was difficult, like a steak, I would make sure I was chewing on the right side,” explains Robert. “The right side was more stable, and that was just something that I had to be conscious about when eating.”

In characteristic fashion, Robert delved into finding the best dentist who could help. He asked for recommendations from friends and acquaintances, and their feedback led him to Clark F. Brown, Jr., DDS, at Implant Dentistry of Florida in Melbourne.

“I started asking around, talking to different people in the community, and Dr. Brown’s name popped up,” recalls Robert. “I went and interviewed him and was very comfortable speaking with Dr. Brown and his staff. I said to myself, Boy, this is good!”

Dr. Brown is a comprehensively trained and experienced dentist who has practiced cosmetic, general and implant dentistry for more than 30 years. His credentials and the personal warmth of his office convinced Robert that Dr. Brown was the dentist he was seeking. [….]

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