A Quick Cover-Up


Our teeth are like our fingerprints — everyone has different qualities about them. Another thing about teeth is that no one has a perfect set. You may have a slight gap, a tooth with a small chip on the corner, an oddly shaped tooth, or some staining from tetracycline.

We could place porcelain veneers over the fronts of your visible teeth, but that may be more involved than you want to get. Another alternative is to have either Dr. Brown or Dr. Vaughn do a little bonding on your flawed teeth.

Bonding is very effective and it can be done in just a single visit to our Melbourne offices.

What is dental bonding?

Dental bonding is a cosmetic procedure, meaning it doesn’t address any actual problems with a tooth, such as decay. It is purely aesthetic. Bonding is done with dental resin, the same material used for today’s modern composite fillings. Dr. Brown or Vaughn sculpts the material to change the shape of a tooth, to repair a chip, or for other cosmetic issues. Bonding is very versatile, painless, and done incredibly quickly.

What cosmetic problems can bonding be used to cover?

At Implant Dentistry of Florida, we use bonding to fix these aesthetic problems:

  • Minor chips on teeth
  • Teeth with minor cracks
  • Uneven or misshapen teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Discolored teeth than cannot be whitened

How is bonding done?

Dental bonding is kind of like sculpting. The first step is to lightly etch the teeth being bonded. This makes for a better bond between the resin and the tooth surface. Next, Dr. Brown or Vaughn uses a shade guide to precisely match the color of your natural teeth. The resin is applied in small increments, building up the contour and depth, depending on the problems with the individual teeth. There is plenty of give and take with you, as we work through the process.

When you’re satisfied with the look of the bonding, the resin is cured with an argon laser. This rapidly bonds the resin to the enamel of the teeth. We then have you test your bite and we shave away any high points. When the look and feel is right, your teeth are polished and your new smile is ready to take public!

Dental bonding at Implant Dentistry of Florida is a great way to spruce up your smile heading into the holiday party season. Contact us at (321) 372-7700 to schedule your appointment.

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